Great Western Jewellery

Repairs and Services

Ring Sizing

Sizing rings up or down can sometimes be straightforward and sometimes a bit more complicated. To reduce most rings by a size or two will be around £15. Enlarging them really depends on the metal, how heavy the ring is and how many sizes it needs to go up by. Any white gold rings are recommended to be rhodium plated afterwards to make them as bright as possible for an extra £10 charge.

Replacement Gemstones

A piece of jewellery with a gemstone or diamond missing is completely unwearable. Not only does it look unattractive but the precious metal that was holding it in place will now be sharp and likely to damage skin or clothing. You have the choice of replacing like for like or to view a selection of different options.


All jewellery has its own lifetime and unfortunately that might come to an end where it is impossible or not financially viable to repair it. You may also have been given a sentimental piece which doesn’t fit with your look ar taste. You can still use the materials - whether that is the gold or the gemstones - to create your own design for something you can wear as much as you like.

Buying Old Gold

We are more than happy to take in any old gold, silver, platinum and palladium. You can receive either cash or a bank transfer immediately or offset it against any work being carried out.

New chain and Earring Fittings

Unfortunately not everything last forever. In the case of chain clasps, it can be the spring within the mechanism. Earring backs get lost. We can supply and fit all kinds of fitting to go on jewellery and possibly give different options to meet your budget.

Cleaning and Polishing

One of the most rewarding parts of restoring jewellery is the simple clean and polish. To bring a wedding back to looking as it did on your wedding day can mean so much more than spending weeks creating a new item for someone. We offer a fast turnaround on polishing jewellery, same day if possible, as we know you don’t want to be without your pieces any longer than necessary.